Heather Pratt White

Heather White, EdS, is a Montessori coach and consultant, blog writer and content creator for organizations such as the American Montessori Society, in-home teacher and nanny, Montessori educator for adult learners through the Center for Guided Montessori Studies, and a manager for Guide & Grow.

Formerly, she was a Montessori guide (Early Childhood 3-6 and Elementary I 6-9) and assistant (Elementary II 9-12) and Associate Head of School for Lake Mary Montessori Academy for more than 12 years. She also has experience as a School Psychologist intern.

She is AMS credentialed (Early Childhood, Elementary I), holds her National Certification of School Psychology (NCSP), and has also obtained a Masters in Education with a Concentration in Montessori Studies in addition to her School Psychology degree. Contact her at hpratt@stetson.edu.


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Heather Pratt White

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Heather Pratt White

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