Laurent Lavollay-PorterFrance, USA

Laurent Lavollay-Porter is a Franco-American bilingual (English & French) Montessorian Educator, Director and Consultant with over a decade of experience.

He now conducts Parent Research and Support for the non profit organization The Prepared Adult Initiative since 2021 and has interviewed, worked with and supported hundreds of parents of young children. The Prepared Adult Initiative seeks to exponentially increase the number of prepared adults in the world by helping families through 3 main axis:
-More Peaceful Parent-Child Relationships
-A better understanding of young children
-Setting up environments for optimal growth and development

A Montessori child himself and AMI trained at the 3-6 and 6-12 levels from the Maria Montessori Institute in London, Laurent spent 5 years as a Children’s House (3-6s) guide and one year as an Elementary (6-10s) teacher, as well as 3 years directing France’s oldest bilingual Montessori School, founded by his mother Barbara in 1972.

He is passionate about Montessori, education, bilingualism, developing patience, and the scientific approach to child development.

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Laurent Lavollay-Porter

A 360-Degree Approach to Working With and Raising Young Children