Yogi Patel

Yogi Patel is a professional with over three decades of diverse experience. Her expertise lies in nurturing individuals to realize their full potential through purpose, creativity, and personal growth. Yogi offers a visionary approach to leadership and human development that transcends traditional methods, fostering open dialogue and equipping individuals with critical thinking tools to shape their values.

As a certified Master Trainer for Empowering People in the Workplace, Yogi has a rich history of leadership roles in startups and Fortune 500 Companies. He founded two Montessori schools, passionately advocating for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion while offering parent education and Positive Discipline training to communities worldwide. She holds a management certificate from Harvard Business School and experience in training and management.

Yogi is a certified Positive Discipline Trainer, offering coaching, training, and support, and holds an AMI diploma in Primary education and a degree in Early Childhood Administration. Her mission is to ignite a passion for excellence, arming individuals with the skills necessary to cultivate respectful, collaborative environments and lead with unwavering courage.