Mar 2024

Navigating Discipline and Big Emotions

Blanca Velazquez-Martin
Insights into Consequences in a Montessori Home
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Embark on a journey with Blanca Velazquez-Martin in an insightful LiveTalk that delves into the heart of discipline and emotional intelligence within the Montessori framework. This comprehensive session covers:


  • Rethinking Discipline: Shifting perspectives from punishment to teaching, fostering an environment of respect and understanding.
  • Navigating Big Emotions: Strategies for supporting children through their emotional landscapes, ensuring they feel heard and valued.
  • Practical Tools for Everyday Challenges: From managing tantrums to encouraging positive behavior, discover actionable tips for daily hurdles.
  • Cultivating Emotional Intelligence: Techniques to enhance emotional awareness and regulation in children for a harmonious home environment.


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March 26, 2024


7pm CET (Central European Time) / 1 CDT (Central Time)


Online on ZOOM

Blanca Velázquez-Martin, MA, LPC, CPDPE is a licensed psychotherapist (LPC) with graduate training in Clinical Psychology and international certification as Positive Discipline Parent Educator. Her work has focused on supporting children and adolescent mental health through her work as a clinician and almost a decade of experience as a research professional in the psychosocial clinical research field.

She is the founder of Whole Child Home, where she offers private consultations and workshops designed to empower parents’ positive parenting journey. Her goal is to support caregivers build positive relationships with the young humans in their home, always with the help of tools and strategies based on the science of what we know supports healthy emotional development, and even through those tricky behaviors and big emotions in toddlerhood and beyond.

She incorporates conscious parenting, positive discipline, and the Montessori method to help establish a positive parenting journey with discipline grounded in respect and trust in the child as a capable learner.

Blanca is originally from Mexico City, now living and raising a family in the United States, devoted to creating resources and support that is not only bilingual but culturally relevant to bilingual and bicultural families. She is the parent of a toddler, grew up attending Montessori school as a child, and applies Montessori to her own lifestyle and parenting journey.


Lucie Brixí Tamášová is first of all a mother of three (+two) children. She has made a significant impact through her NGO, Centrum Dialog, which provides education to underprivileged children in Kenya and Guinea. She is also the owner of, a shop specializing in Montessori materials and didactical toys. Lucie’s passion for empowering children extends beyond her NGO work; she is the founder of the Childhood Potential Conference and Montessori Parenting courses. As a fervent Montessori enthusiast, Lucie is committed to connecting people and ensuring the Montessori message reaches a global audience by bringing the best speakers to her events. Her work reflects a profound dedication to creating a brighter future for children across the globe.

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