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A Day in the Life of Montessori With Twins



Join us for a day in the life of 2 year old fraternal twins, Jax & Juju. With two completely different personalities, following the lead & respecting the individuality of each child brings about a special dynamic within this Montessori home. We will share a bit of our daily routine, how we’ve come to value and prioritize one-on-one time with each child, navigating fun practical life activities with same-aged siblings, and of course a bit of shelf work with twins.



Ana-Kay is a stay-at-home, self-taught Montessori Mommy to two year old twins Jax & Juju. With a passion for film and the arts, she once worked as a television producer in her native Kingston, Jamaica. Now living in the U.S. with her Husband Adrian, she uses her love of film production to document and share their Montessori lifestyle on Instagram, in hopes ofmotivating families worldwide. Learning more as she goes, Ana-Kay prioritizes parenting with a Montessori mindset over seeking perfection.
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