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A Journey Back to Your Heart: Connect With Yourself, Your Children, Your Path, Mission and Dreams!

Val Alino


Do you ever feel that you understand Montessori, you are showing up, attending the lectures, and doing the homework, and yet, you are still not fully enjoying your relationship with your children, students, family, and even sometimes yourself?
After more than 35 years of sharing my life with children, parents, teachers, and numerous social causes from around the world, I have the tools, know-how, and secret guide :-), to make it all happen for you.
Remember that if you are not connecting with YOU, you will not connect with anyone. We can’t show our children how to be happy if we are not happy, we can’t show them how to have nice relationships when we dislike the relationships we are in.

In this powerful and interactive time, I will be sharing a powerful way to:

  • Connect back to that beautiful heart that was gifted by source when you were born.
  •  I will share with you how to use your heart as the compass of your life.
  • Activate your energy and use it as a guide to attract all that you desire.
  • Build long-lasting contributing relationships.
  • Use the power of questions to create new possibilities.
  • Tap into new possibilities, understanding that the universe has your back.
  • Elevate your frequency by being of service
  • Understand the power of your thoughts and body language through NLP.
  • Tap into Joy
  • Take risks and get out of your comfort zone.
  • Make things happen, enjoy life, and be FREE


Val Alino-2

Val Alino is a Life, Conscious Parenting and Spiritual Coach, and International Keynote Speaker with over 35 years of experience empowering thousands of leaders, teachers, women, parents, youth and children to heal, evolve, grow, transform, and unlock their full potential. She holds certifications from top institutions worldwide and is an expert in conscious leadership, women empowerment, conscious parenting, and educational project management. Val has been an International Keynote speaker in over 100 countries, owns a Montessori school in Atlanta, and is a consultant for Higher Ground Education. She has received numerous awards, including a Doctorate in Humanitarianism and the President’s Volunteer Service Award signed by President Joe Biden. Val’s recent book is titled “A JOURNEY BACK INTO YOUR HEART- How to LIVE in LOVE with YOU, YOUR LIFE, and PATH.”

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