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Afrocentric Montessori: Connecting Ancestry and Indigenous Ways of Caring and Teaching to the Montessori Philosophy

Ashley Causey-Golden


Learn how Ancestral and Indigenous parenting and educational practices from the Congo, Kenya, and other indigenous communities such as the Aboriginals from Australia connects to the Montessori philosophy. The intention of this session is to uplift, re-remember, and reclaim the holistic educational practices for the children we teach and care for within our homes, communities, and classrooms.


Ashley Causey-Golden

Ashley Causey-Golden is the creator of Afrocentric Montessori and the co-creator of Gather Forest School in Atlanta, Georgia. Her teaching is grounded in a liberatory, an anti-bias, and anti-racist framework that centers Blackness. Ashley uses these frameworks to support families in the home setting as well as schools in creating anti-bias and anti-racist curricula and materials.

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