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Building Capacity for Montessori Inclusion with a Social Pediatric Developmental Approach

Barbara Luborsky


This presentation will offer an overview of:

  • the compelling reasons to build capacity for inclusion in your Montessori setting
  • the Social Pediatric Developmental Approach
  • tips and ideas for developing a successful inclusion program or enhancing your already existing program
  • where to find the resources you will need


Barbara Luborsky

Barbara Luborsky, OTR/L is a Developmental Occupational Therapist who has been working with Montessori schools and programs for the past several years, supporting inclusion. With her Montessori collaborator, Catherine Massie, the Montessori Medical Partnership for Inclusion was formed in 2018 and the website was opened. Barbara has spoken at Montessori conferences and trainings around the world, including NAMTA conferences in 2014 and 2016 and the International Montessori Congress in Prague, in 2017. Barbara continues to learn about the commonalities and differences of Montessori and occupational therapy, which offer a wonderful partnership for supporting all children in Montessori settings.

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