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Children’s Connection to Nature

Barbara Isaacs


Join renowned Montessori expert Barbara Isaacs as she explores the significance of children’s connection with nature, drawing inspiration from Dr. Maria Montessori’s writings and contemporary research. In this insightful talk, Barbara will discuss the essential role nature plays in children’s development, well-being, and learning.

Delve into Montessori’s suggestions for outdoor learning experiences. Gain practical suggestions for parents and educators seeking to enhance children’s daily contact with nature, both inside and outside the classroom.

This talk is an invaluable resource for parents and educators who wish to nurture a deep connection with nature in their children’s lives, fostering a sense of wonder, curiosity, and appreciation for the natural world around them.


Barbara Isaacs

Barbara has spent the past 40 years working with children and adults promoting principles of Motessori pedagogy. As Montessori trainer she helped to develop nationally recognised Montessori qualification in the UK, has written articles and a couple of books, striving to make Montessori more accessible to practitioners and parents. Today, as president of Montessori Europe she continues to serve the Montessori Community.  She is a grandmother to three girls who give her the opportunity to continue to observe their childhood journeys as they unfold and demonstrate the need for trust, respect and recognition of the uniqueness of each child. Connection with nature is a powerful thread which links her childhood walks in Beskydy, Czechia to Oxfordshire gardening with her grandchildren today.


Lucie Brixí Tamášová is first of all a mother of three (+two) children. She has made a significant impact through her NGO, Centrum Dialog, which provides education to underprivileged children in Kenya and Guinea. She is also the owner of, a shop specializing in Montessori materials and didactical toys. Lucie’s passion for empowering children extends beyond her NGO work; she is the founder of the Childhood Potential Conference and Montessori Parenting courses. As a fervent Montessori enthusiast, Lucie is committed to connecting people and ensuring the Montessori message reaches a global audience by bringing the best speakers to her events. Her work reflects a profound dedication to creating a brighter future for children across the globe.

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