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Early Years: Encouraging Environments for Good Relationships

Cristina Sanz Ferrero M.A.


As research keeps validating the first years of life are the most important because the seeds of the future man or woman are laid. So allowing the human being to love and not fear learning from the beginning is a gift that will serve them forever.

I will help you lay this foundation so that you can instill a good relationship with the self and others from birth to 3, basis of their emotional and psychological wellbeing. We will learn how to create and maintain a simple as well as as encouraging environment and adult attitude with the help of observation as our guide that informs us of the next steps.


Cristina Sanz Ferrero M.A.

Former Early Years Teacher with more than 15 years experience in  education, Adlerian Montessorian Counsellor, Positive Discipline Certified Trainer, 0-6 Montessori Mentor, Founder of Life Skills, Escuela para la Vida®  psicoeducation & counselling for families, school & individuals. Spain Languages: SP, EN, FR, CAT/VAL

IG: @crislifeskills

FB: Life Skills Escuela para la Vida & Cristina Sanz Ferrero

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