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Exploring the Language Within the Math Area

Teri Canaday Freeman


Share time with Teri Canaday Freeman to explore all sorts of language and literacy activities that can be used in developing math skills. Teri will examine 16 math concepts important to consider when teaching math in Early Childhood settings. Then she will tie in the Montessori math lessons to these concepts and how language and literacy activities in our Montessori environment can strengthen these concepts. Be ready to see the importance of Language
come alive in our Montessori Math area!

Teri hopes that you will join her to better understand the following:

  • The importance of language skills in processing math concepts
  • The 16 math concepts for early childhood children
  • Montessori activities that support the development of the 16 math concepts
  • Language directly used in our daily teaching that promotes better understanding of math
  • The importance of songs, rhymes, and books that help young children learn vocabulary and
    meaning of words associated with understanding math concepts.


Teri Canaday Freeman

Teri Canaday Freeman is celebrating 49 years in Montessori education this year!  Teri has helped start many public and private schools, being the director of her own school for 28 years.  She worked as a director and instructor for many teacher education courses, worked as a consultant at numerous  schools, and has taught courses at the university level. Teri is now enjoying retirement by being actively engaged in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program in her home church where she continues to utilize her Montessori skills by creating peaceful environments where children can learn about God.

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