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Freedom and Responsibility

Maren Schmidt


There are many teaching and learning principles we use in our Montessori schools. We refer to them as Montessori pedagogical principles, but in truth, these principles are universal teaching and learning principles. These principles work for all types of people—from parents and teachers to organizations—all over the world, for generations.

In this webinar we will focus on one key principle: freedom within limits of responsibility. Maren will share with you what happens when we offer our children freedom without the corresponding balance of responsibilities.

You’ll find out about three opportunities for growth we must offer our children in order for them to enlarge their personal freedoms. When we implement these three ideas successfully, the added benefit is we can avoid most power struggles with our children. Maren will share with you the four unconscious goals of children’s behavior, and will offer tips on how to use these goals to get to win/win with your children.


Maren Schmidt

Maren Schmidt has been involved in Montessori education for over 40 years. As a Montessori mom, she served as PTA president, headed fundraising auctions, as well as acted as the school’s official metal inset paper cutter. Delighted with the growth she saw in her two daughters, she trained in Washington D.C. and Cleveland, Ohio to become an AMI elementary guide. In 1991 she founded a school in Bentonville, Arkansas, where she acted as a teaching administrator for 13 years, working with children ages two through 15 years. In 2004 she began writing a syndicated newspaper column and blog, Kids Talk. Her Kids Talk Newsletters are popular with families, teachers and school administrators all over the world.

Maren’s traveled the United States giving workshops at conferences and schools, drawing not only on her Montessori experiences, but her knowledge of business, organizational communications, and children’s literacy

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