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Heartful Inclusion of Montessori Learners with Exceptionalities

Ann Epstein


Nurturing children and youth who develop differently than their peers can make our hearts soar and bring us enormous depths of frustration. Ann’s presentation will identify key factors that contribute to the joys and challenges of guiding learners with exceptionalities. We will investigate principles of effective inclusion that apply to learners of all ages and identify Montessori-friendly supports for several aspects of difficult behaviors: tantrums and meltdowns (toddlers and primary), non-compliance (E1 and E2), and anxiety (early adolescence).


Ann Epstein

Ann Epstein is Professor & Interim Director of the Special Education program at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse in the Department of Educational Studies. She teaches course that address early childhood language & literacy, and Kindergarten curriculum & assessment. She also coordinates a Professional Development School field experience. Ann’s research interests include accommodations for young children with exceptionalities and interdisciplinary teaching. Ann was a Montessori teacher with 3 – 6-year-olds before completing her doctoral studies in early childhood special education. She is the editor of Montessori Inclusion – Strategies and Stories of Support for Learners with Exceptionalities (2020) published by Parent/Child Press.

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