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How Montessori Schools Overcome a War in Ukraine

Montessori UA


In this talk Montessori educators from Ukraine share their experience during the war and how they use education as a weapon for future peace. You will understand the motivation and hopefully get inspiration for your experience!


Montessori UA

Montessori UA established as an NGO this year, in response to the large-scale war in Ukraine, to create a platform that brings together Montessori specialists, professionals and experts in various fields into a powerful team of like-minded people.

Since June Montessori UA conducted 6 workshops for the educators that work with internally displaced children, 7 workshops with the international colleagues for Montessori educators and parents, organized a week-long workshop on Montessori Orff for 52 Montessori educators.
We are in the process of translation of 4 books of Maria Montessori. Also, we are translating international articles related to the neuroscience of education and Montessori.

Our mission is to spread the Montessori method throughout Ukraine by making it recognized by society and the government for the benefit of children, adults, and educators by creating quality educational opportunities, courses, and meetings for both parents and educators by developing environments and educational materials, and by building a culture of conscious parenting, respect for oneself, for each other, and the world.instead of the bio and a short description of the talk.

IG: @montessori.ukraine

FB: @ngo.montessori.ukraine


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