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How to Manage a Classroom

Saniyyah Khalilallah


Through this workshop you will learn a short guide that will provide skills on how to manage a classroom. A diagram will be provided to explain the key components of a normalized classroom. Everyone in the classroom, children/students and teachers, have a responsibility and play an important role in the environment. Teachers are the role models and set the tone for the way the classroom flows. Having a prepared environment and practicing inclusion techniques are just a couple ways to exhibit classroom management skills. By the end of the workshop there should be a clear understanding of how to run a successful classroom that provides a safe environment for the students.


Saniyyah Khalilallah

After graduating from Illinois State University, Saniyyah moved to Chicago. In a new city she started working in a Montessori school, this began her career in the classroom. For twelve years she worked in a Montessori environment, first as an assistant and later on getting certified. Having experience in the classroom has given her insight on many of the practices she follows and teaches today. Saniyyah worked in three different schools as a lead teacher and recently decided to move on from the classroom. She is currently writing books for Storey Publishing, tutoring, consulting and writing for The American Montessori Society website.

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