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How to Support the Development of Reading and Writing at Home

Gabrielle Kotkov


How can we help children learn to read and write at home while following Montessori principles? This talk will give parents concrete ways to support the development of reading and writing skills for children ages 2-6+ as well as a basis in understanding why we teach writing before reading, why we call letters by their sounds and not their names, and whether we should focus on spelling when a child first learns to write. We will also explore ways to support language development in bilingual and multilingual children.


Gabrielle Kotkov

Gabrielle Kotkov is the creator of the Multilingual Montessori website and Instagram and host of the Multilingual Montessori Podcast. She is an AMI- trained 3-6 Montessori Guide and a native of New York City. She trained at the Maria Montessori Institute in London, England, and has worked in Montessori schools in New York, London, and Austin, Texas. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Italian from Vassar College and a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certificate from Teachers College Columbia University. She is a Fulbright Grant Alumni, during which she spent a year teaching English to Italian high schoolers in Catania, Sicily. Gabrielle is fluent in English and Italian, and also speaks French and a bit of Spanish. She currently works as a Montessori mentor and consultant and is earning a Masters in Child Studies from Linköping University in Sweden.

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