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Innovation Makes a Leader Stand Out

Chris Willemsen


Chris will take you back to the days of developing the first Montessori materials with Maria Montessori and point out the main characteristics of these materials. He will try to make clear that a classroom should not be a museum, but a dynamic learning environment with structure on one hand and change on the other. He will discuss how new materials are currently being developed, illustrated by some examples and emphasize that materials are only an aid to acquire knowledge and skills. And last but not least he will explain about the new evidence based observation and record keeping tool, Cfolio.


Chris Willemsen

For more than 15 years and with a lot of passion and dedication Chris has been working as a Brand Export Manager and Brand Ambassador for world’s leading Montessori material manufacturer, Nienhuis Montessori. He is responsible for the international sales network, leading the product development team and provides the marketing team with ideas and content. He has a degree in international marketing and is Montessori-trained at both 3 – 6 and 6 – 12 levels. He has observed Montessori education in many different cultures, varieties and standards. Currently, he is also supporting the development of an innovative and evidence-based observation and record keeping instrument to keep track of the development of knowledge and skills of children in Montessori environments. This application for formative evaluation is called Cfolio.

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