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Meeting the Needs of Children with Exceptionalities the Montessori Way

Pamela Shanks


Join us for a talk on “Meeting the Needs of Children with Exceptionalities the Montessori Way” with experienced educator Pam Shanks. Discover how the Montessori method of education can support children experiencing developmental differences, and explore the benefits of Montessori materials and lessons for these learners. Pam will also discuss the importance of emphasizing functionality and independence in the Montessori classroom. Don’t miss this informative and engaging session!


Pamela Shanks

Pam Shanks has been involved in both Montessori and special education for her entire teaching career. In addition to her AMS 3-6 credential, Pam earned a master’s degree in special education from the University of Kansas and held licensing for early childhood education, early childhood special education, and severe multiple disabilities while teaching in Kansas. She worked as a lead teacher in a primary classroom at Raintree Montessori School, Lawrence, KS, for over 30 years. She coordinated the program of inclusion at Raintree while also serving as a supervising teacher for graduate practicum students from KU’s department of special education placed at Raintree. She served as a Field Based Consultant for the entire tenure of the Inclusive Network of Kansas (INKS) and was an instructor for the University of East Carolina’s Deafblind Intervener Program for several years. She has presented at a variety of conferences including the Montessori World Congress in Portland; authored many articles on special education in Montessori environments; was a contributing author for 2 books; and authored several on-line modules on special education topics. She currently serves as the Associate Head of School at Bowman School in Palo Alto, CA where she continues to support Montessori teachers and inclusive education.

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