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Mindful Guidance in Sibling Rivalry

Kiran Paek


Siblings influence each other in developing personality and gaining life and social skills learning from each other. While it is important to have siblings who are a good role model, parents must understand that the children’s behavior depends much on the way parents react to the children.

This presentation will provide the influence of birth order to develop personality, the key factors of fightings, the tips to remember for resolving sibling rivalry, and parenting style. You will gain the knowledge of the influential fact on how each sibling becomes who they are, the tips for the mindful guidance to create a calmer home environment, and an awareness of the parenting style that is both firm and respectful.


Kiran Paek

Kiran Paek has been in Montessori field over 30 years ago. After receiving her credentials in the early childhood level, she began her career as an assistant teacher and became a master teacher at Princeton Montessori School in Princeton, NJ. After over a decade of teaching at Princeton Montessori, she founded and became the director of Lawrence Montessori School in 2008. Upon finding an opportunity for a directorship at an AMS training center, she moved to Beijing in 2015. Subsequently, she moved to Shanghai to take a director position at a satellite AMS training center. Currently she is the founder and director of a MACTE accredited and AMS affiliated training center, Advanced Study Center for Montessori Community, for which she has developed a hybrid learning programs for early childhood and infant/toddler programs, in Wuxi, China. Since 2007, she has served as a site verifier for Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) and American Montessori Society (AMS).

She holds Early Childhood AMS credential, Master of Early Childhood from Chaminade University of Honolulu in Hawaii, Master of Fine Art from Tisch School of Art in New York University. She loves to take a walk and sing in a choir. Her four children and two granddaughters have been her inspiration to be a part of Montessori Community. She hopes that the ripples of this small movement influence the lives of children, parents and educators in the global community.

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