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Montessori and Autism: Why and How Montessori Is Ideal for Autistics

Amorette French


Does Montessori work for autistic children? Absolutely! Not only is Montessori appropriate for neurodivergent children it’s beneficial and can even play a crucial role in understanding triggers, preventing meltdowns, and laying foundations for understanding.

In what way do Montessori Method’s principles apply to autistics? How does the Montessori philosophy support an Autistic family? Do the traditional materials actually benefit an Autistic child and even help discover triggers and glimmer? What is the significance of the prepared environment? We will cover the answers to these questions and more, as well as what you can begin implementing today.


Amorette French-3

Amorette French: Author/educator/Autistic parent, she helps families of Autistic children better understand the way we think so that we may celebrate our differences and focus on strengths. The mother of 2nd generation homeschooled Montessori twins, she is passionate about Montessori and how it’s beneficial for neurodivergent minds. A believer in guidance versus training, she offers Montessori-aligned one-on-one coaching to provide skills and techniques.

IG: @French.Family.Montessori 

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