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Montessori Early Language & Neurodevelopment

Julia Volkman


What happens in the early years to transform a child into a literate human? How do biology and education work together to guide this transformation? Join Harvard Teaching Fellow and Montessori teacher Julia Volkman for a fascinating look at the evolution of language, neurodevelopment of the child, and the Montessori/Dwyer language program.


Julia Volkman

Julia Volkman has been teaching children and mentoring teachers in private and public schools since 1997. She is a guest lecturer for Harvard University’s Neuroscience of Learning course, a Montessori mentor, and the founder/president of the educational project Maitri Learning. Ms. Volkman earned her AMI 3 to 6+ diploma from the Montreal Montessori Training Centre (a bilingual program) and her master’s degree from Harvard University. Her work focuses on transforming education into a transdisciplinary, scientific pedagogy grounded in mind, brain, and education.  Ms. Volkman is the mother of two (one by birth and one by adoption) and married to a biochemist/MBA. She enjoys kayaking, hiking, yoga, meditation, and conversation at the dinner table.

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