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Montessori N.E.S.T: A Framework for Preparing Your Home Environment

Anna Langstaff


The acronym N.E.S.T. is a handy way to think about all of the elements of your home environment – tangible and intangible – that guide your child to be independent, cooperative, and joyful at home. N represents nooks, which include the areas of the home that are set up for a specific purpose like getting ready for the day or toileting. E is for equipment, which, for small children, largely means toys. S is for spirit and includes the way all family members take in the home with their senses. T stands for trimmings, which refers to the points of beauty, like vases of flowers, and other small touches around the home. As we walk through each area, you will see examples of home environments and hear stories about my own successes and failures at trying to create a child friendly home. You will walk away from this presentation with concrete ideas that you can implement at home right away!


Anna Langstaff

Anna Langstaff has spent the past fifteen years teaching in Montessori primary and elementary classrooms and working with teachers in training in the US and abroad. She is currently the Head of School at Whole Child Montessori Center in Portland, Oregon. She holds a BA from the University of Michigan and is Montessori credentialed for ages 3-12. She is currently a graduate student at Portland State University pursuing a Masters in Inclusive Early Childhood Education with a focus on special education and infant/toddler mental health. Anna is the parent of a six year old who has developmental language disorder and an intellectual disability. His years in the Montessori classroom have helped him thrive. In her free time she loves reading, hiking, trying new recipes and spending time with her family.

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