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Navigating Multilingualism: Practical Insights for Parents and Educators

Margarita Diaz


Join us for an enlightening session with Margarita Diaz, a seasoned bilingual Montessori educator, as she delves into the transformative world of multilingual education. In this comprehensive talk, Margarita shares her personal journey and professional insights into the benefits of raising bilingual and multilingual children. With a focus on practical strategies for parents and educators, she explores how Montessori can foster a deep love for languages, enhance cultural empathy, and build cognitive skills. This session is a must-watch for anyone looking to support their child’s linguistic development, filled with actionable advice, engaging Q&A from our community, and a curated list of resources to empower your journey towards multilingualism.



Margarita Diaz is an experienced, certified bilingual Montessori educator with a demonstrated history of working in Montessori education for more than 19 years. Margarita’s passion is to motivate educators and parents about the importance of bilingual education and the Montessori philosophy.  She is a teacher trainer at the Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies, a speaker at American Montessori Society (AMS) conferences, co-founder of AMS en Español Affinity Group, and a Montessori consultant and tutor. She is a Montessori certified Elementary I, II and Montessori coach certified from the National Center Montessori in the Public Sector (NCMPS).

Margarita was the first Spanish elementary teacher at a bilingual Montessori public charter school in Washington, DC, where she developed the entire 1st-5th grade dual language curriculum. Later, she assumed the role of Montessori Coach, Assistant Principal, and Director of the Elementary program.

She regularly gives conferences nationally and internationally in English and Spanish about Montessori education, with an emphasis on Dual Language Education, Peace Education, Cosmic Education, and Public Education.

Margarita speaks, reads, and writes with fluency in Spanish, French, and English, and also speaks basic Portuguese. She is a mother of two daughters and lives in Washington, DC with her husband. She enjoys running, cooking, coloring, dancing, reading, and writing.


Lucie Brixí Tamášová is first of all a mother of three (+two) children. She has made a significant impact through her NGO, Centrum Dialog, which provides education to underprivileged children in Kenya and Guinea. She is also the owner of, a shop specializing in Montessori materials and didactical toys. Lucie’s passion for empowering children extends beyond her NGO work; she is the founder of the Childhood Potential Conference and Montessori Parenting courses. As a fervent Montessori enthusiast, Lucie is committed to connecting people and ensuring the Montessori message reaches a global audience by bringing the best speakers to her events. Her work reflects a profound dedication to creating a brighter future for children across the globe.

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