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Raising a Peaceful Child: The Montessori Way at Home

Disha Bonner


In this lecture, we will focus on the importance of the prepared adult, prepared
environment, creating a culture of spontaneous activity, observation, the role of an adult in the Montessori environment, and how to invite a child for a presentation.

Learner Outcomes:

● To further understand the relationship between child, the adult, and the Montessori
● To understand the importance of spontaneous activity in the learning experience.
● To create a culture of spontaneous activity through observation.


Disha Bonner

I am a Primary & Elementary Certified Montessori Teacher.

Prior to becoming a parent, I worked as a teacher and as a
Curriculum Coordinator for many years in a Charter Montessori School.

I have a Masters in Elementary Education with specialization in Montessori. I have researched, designed curriculums and assisted my school in achieving AMS accreditation.

After becoming a mom, I have poured all my passion and experience into creating a culture of respect, love, and peace for my son.

You can check my subscription box of Montessori activity. It is researched and designed for age group 2-5. It comes with a book and activities that enhances the learning experience.

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