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Reframing the “Terrible Two’s”

Sylvia Arotin


There is this common misconception around the ‘terrible twos’ stage with parents & caregivers dreading the next stage of toddlerhood due to the ‘tantrums, manipulation, attention seeking, misbehaviour’ and more! That can’t be further from the truth!

In this session we are going to reframe the terrible twos to the ‘terrific twos’ as we understand what toddlers are really going through during this wonderful stage of their life! You will be able to build your skills and knowledge on how to feel confident and prepare for toddlerhood, supporting your child to be the best version of themselves!
We will:

  • Understand what is really happening developmentally in a toddlers brain
  • Prepare ourselves for this next stage and reframe our thinking
  • Learn to respond to toddlers in a way that engages cooperation respectfully & increase independence
  • Tame tantrums & learn how to deal with BIG emotions
  • Allow for more opportunities for independence

I am looking forward to this session with you all so we can ditch the punishments, tame your triggers and build children’s skillset to help you feel more confident and happy so you can enjoy the wondrous adventure of toddlerhood with your little one! Go from chaos to calm in just one session and learn practical tools & skills along with in depth knowledge so you can ace toddlerhood.



Sylvia Arotin

Sylvia Arotin has had over 12 years experience in Montessori teaching and is the founder and director of My Montessori (0-6 yrs) school in Sydney, Australia. She also sits on the Board of Directors for MSCA (Montessori Schools and Centres Australia). Her passion for children’s learning and development, as well as supporting and educating adults, has been fundamental in founding the Guide & Grow brand. She holds an International Montessori 0-3yrs training, 3-6 AMI Assistants training, an International Communications degree and a Masters in Teaching specializing in early childhood (0-5 yrs) (Honours) from Macquarie University.

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