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Relationships, Actions and Human Essence of Montessori Principles

Val Alino


In this conference, you will learn the deep holistic essence of Montessori and how it applies to every aspect of life.

Experience, Learn and Live:

  • The deep connection, correlation and the incredible impact that this method or I must say, way of living can have in your life.
  • You will experience many AHA moments that will lead you to live a happier, healthier, peaceful and loving life, with yourself, your children, students and employees.
  • You will have the opportunity to live through powerful activities, moments of deep reflection that will awaken, recharge and remind you why the child is the father of man.


Val Alino-2

Val Alino is a Life, Conscious Parenting and Spiritual Coach, and International Keynote Speaker with over 35 years of experience empowering thousands of leaders, teachers, women, parents, youth and children to heal, evolve, grow, transform, and unlock their full potential. She holds certifications from top institutions worldwide and is an expert in conscious leadership, women empowerment, conscious parenting, and educational project management. Val has been an International Keynote speaker in over 100 countries, owns a Montessori school in Atlanta, and is a consultant for Higher Ground Education. She has received numerous awards, including a Doctorate in Humanitarianism and the President’s Volunteer Service Award signed by President Joe Biden. Val’s recent book is titled “A JOURNEY BACK INTO YOUR HEART- How to LIVE in LOVE with YOU, YOUR LIFE, and PATH.”

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