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The How and Why of Montessori Parent-Infant Programs – Location and Schedule

Susan Tracey McDaniel


The mother is the first prepared environment. Expectant and new parents are in a Sensitive Period for learning about their child, and healthy parenting. Montessorians have a desire to reach diverse families and have an impact on the lives of children. In just a few hours per week, we can make a difference for families. Following the Support Group model, parents meet once per week with their child and once more weekly for parent discussion, 90 minutes each session. Parents may join prenatally and receive support preparing for their baby. Once the baby is born, the family may attend as soon as they feel ready. Parent-Infant may serve prenatal to 18 months, or even age 2 or 3, but I prefer that toddlers have an opportunity for independence in a prepared environment.


Susan Tracey McDaniel

Susan Tracy McDaniel, M.Ed., Director of Learning Together Education, has made a practice of observing children for more than 30 years. As a consultant to many schools and social service agencies, Susan has applied Montessori educational methods in a variety of settings, including a Chicago homeless shelter, Native American and migrant communities. Susan is a parenting coach and speaks frequently to groups of parents and educators. Since 1993, she has taught Montessori Philosophy and Child Development at Seton Montessori Institute. Susan has also taught numerous Montessori and Parenting courses in the US, Europe, and Asia. She recently became a facilitator for the American Montessori Society Infant Toddler Instructor Academy, preparing future course instructors.

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