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The Importance of Practical Life Work in a Montessori Home

Lynda Apostol


The internet leads many astray in understanding the profound importance of practical life work. Oversimplified phrases such as “JUST bake with your child” or “JUST do house chores with your child” take over the messages you receive on social media. But, practical life is SO much more than house work. Its purpose to a child in the first plane is multi-dimensional. It is imperative as a Montessori parent that we not only provide opportunities for practical life work but also learn its purpose. In this session, we discuss what practical life work is and how it differs from housework. We dialogue the philosophy that surrounds it, the difference between accessible & prepared and share ideas on how to properly prepare your home to lead in this most important work.


Lynda Apostol

Lynda Apostol (M.Ed) is the voice, coach & influence behind The Montessori Teacher, LLC. Her professional experience includes roles as a teacher, instructional coach and administrator in the public, private, and charter education sectors in both Montessori and Traditional approaches. She credits both her education and the diversity in her experience for lending her an unmatched perspective and informed understanding of curriculum & instruction as it applies not only to the child, but the guide/teacher.

Lynda now homeschools both of her children and serves as a highly sought-after Holistic Montessori Coach to parents around the world seeking to homeschool or worldschool with the Montessori Method. She also supports educators and educational organizations as a speaker & Holistic Education Consultant.

Lynda’s social media platforms seek to inform, educate and advocate toward a long-term vision of creating more inclusive Montessori cyberspaces that celebrate diversity and promote the global perspective with cultural competence.

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