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The Importance of the Practical Life Activities

Sandra Houston


The Practical Life activities encourage the development of independence and foster each child’s adaptation to the social context of his or her environment. Although the activities are largely skill oriented (i.e. learning how to wash a table), their purpose is not that children master these tasks for their own sake. Rather, the primary goal is to aid each child’s inner construction through precision and in concentration during full cycles of activity. Join Mrs. Houston, who was trained by Mario Montessori and others who were Dr. Montessori’s closest associates, speak about the importance of the Practical Life activities.


Sandra Houston

Sandra Houston is a seasoned Montessorian with over 50 years of experience as a primary and charter school founder, Montessori teacher, administrator, teacher trainer and leadership consultant. She holds a BA in Education and various other certifications. She has trained under Dr. & Mrs. Claude Claremont, Ms. Lena Wikramaratne, Estella C. Palmieri and Mario Montessori, among others. Sandra has served as an evaluator for MACTE and NCA. She has founded, owned and operated nine primary schools and founded five Montessori charter schools. She has spoken at several conferences and published numerous articles in educational magazines. Sandra has just launched her business, Montessori “N” More to promote various custom curriculum materials that she has created along with the lost Montessori curriculum that belonged to the Claremont’s.

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