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The Montessori Grandparent

Julie Mitaro


Are you the grandparent of a Montessori child? Are you feeling a little ‘out of step’ with their Montessori lifestyle? Adding just a little Montessori to your grandparenting can help align family paths, allowing parents and grandparents to “follow the child” together. It’s really quite magical

Join me as I share some of the simple ways you can:

  • connect with the child in meaningful ways
  • prepare your home environment to engage the child
  •  foster the child’s independence
  • experience the beauty (and magic) of Montessori grandparenting


Julie Mitaro

Montessori captured my heart while I was studying early childhood education at the University of Michigan and working as an assistant at a Montessori school. It became clear that I needed to follow my heart by “following the child.” After completing my AMI Primary certification at the Toronto Montessori Institute, I began guiding children ages two and a half to seven years in Montessori classrooms. After the birth of our first of three children, I left classroom and created a Montessori home environment for our family, which I continue to do so as a grandparent today.

I founded The Prepared Nest to help parents, grandparents, and caregivers understand how much they can enrich the child’s development by applying Montessori principles at home. Through The Prepared Nest website and social media, I share daily experiences and activities with young children and show how Montessori principles can be incorporated into our daily lives.

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