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The Traveling Montessorian

Marian Cortes Brina


The challenging effects brought by the pandemic did not stop Marian from pursuing her passion for Montessori Education’s authenticity. After getting terminated from her job in China during the height of the pandemic, Marian speedily purchased a 9-Seater Tricycle and a set of Montessori materials and guess what? The rest is history!

Let’s take a peek on how she started to create the first ever traveling Montessori classroom in the Philippines and how it evolved from traveling within her hometown, to the metro and now pushing hardships to start to build a physical school to reach out to as many children and families as possible.

In this session, you will find out how passion, resilience and persistence can make the impossible, possible! Let’s Go! Let’s join Marian as she travels around.


Marian Cortes Brina

Marian graduated from the University of the Philippines and completed her AMS Early Childhood Montessori Training at Northeast Montessori Institute. She tenured in different institutions in China, Indonesia and the Philippines; that made her a seasoned educator for almost 20 years. Her posts have been versatile ranging from working as a Montessori Lead Teacher, Curriculum Designer, Academic Coordinator and Montessori Trainer.

Aside from her passion in teaching, she is also a community organizer. She is the founder of The Filipino Teachers in China, ECPC (Early Childhood Parent Conversations) and Co-Founder of Montetunities. Marian also founded Cornelia Montessori Philippines, a start-up, vying to build a physical school once funded through a crowdfunding project.

Currently, she is working closely with Ruth Novales, a Montessori colleague; in creating an integrated Montessori and Philippine Curriculum with the aim of developing children in a holistic way.

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