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Transforming Lives

Maha Turner


I began my mission to assist Syrian refugee women and children in 2016, while working as a Montessori teacher in Bermuda.

I was confident that the Montessori education will provide joy, stability, hope of a future, and a sense of belonging to the children who are forgotten by the world.

My objective is to provide refugees women who have lost everything they have known due to events beyond their control with a viable certification that they use to be productive members of their new societies and provide invaluable peace education to orphans and children who otherwise would have no stable education opportunity. It is more important than ever before that those subjected to inhumanity learn that education is the greatest weapon against injustice and ultimately lead to peaceful resolution of the world’s social and political conflicts.


Maha Turner

I was introduced to Montessori education philosophy in 1991. The concepts I both learned and taught and the results I witnessed in the last thirty years prove beyond all doubt that the founder; Maria Montessori was a genius who understood child learning and development and the importance of collaborative and independent creativity combined with Peace Education. Along the way, I achieved Montessori certification through several training centers, among them New England Teacher Education Center. I earned a Master’s degree in early childhood education and completed doctoral courses in early childhood education. Learning is a life-long journey for me. I have been a member of the CGMS faculty for several years, and I am very proud to be part of this successful institute that have changed so many lives.

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