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Unlearn to learn: The pathway to conscious teaching! 

Val Alino


This enlightening talk, led by speaker Val Alino, is tailored for all adults fortunate enough to work with children, parents, or those contemplating parenthood.

Are u feeling burnt out and sometimes you don’t even know how to take action or respond to a situation? Have you ever been in a situation with other adults around you and it’s just being hard to even breathe?
Learn how the most difficult situations lead to you to the best teaching.
Learn how to be in tune with yourself  and how to reach  a point where no matter what is going on you keep your zen hat on…….


Val Alino-2

Val Alino is a Life, Conscious Parenting and Spiritual Coach, and International Keynote Speaker with over 35 years of experience empowering thousands of leaders, teachers, women, parents, youth and children to heal, evolve, grow, transform, and unlock their full potential. She holds certifications from top institutions worldwide and is an expert in conscious leadership, women empowerment, conscious parenting, and educational project management. Val has been an International Keynote speaker in over 100 countries, owns a Montessori school in Atlanta, and is a consultant for Higher Ground Education. She has received numerous awards, including a Doctorate in Humanitarianism and the President’s Volunteer Service Award signed by President Joe Biden. Val’s recent book is titled “A JOURNEY BACK INTO YOUR HEART- How to LIVE in LOVE with YOU, YOUR LIFE, and PATH.”


Lucie Brixí Tamášová is first of all a mother of three (+two) children. She has made a significant impact through her NGO, Centrum Dialog, which provides education to underprivileged children in Kenya and Guinea. She is also the owner of, a shop specializing in Montessori materials and didactical toys. Lucie’s passion for empowering children extends beyond her NGO work; she is the founder of the Childhood Potential Conference and Montessori Parenting courses. As a fervent Montessori enthusiast, Lucie is committed to connecting people and ensuring the Montessori message reaches a global audience by bringing the best speakers to her events. Her work reflects a profound dedication to creating a brighter future for children across the globe.

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