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We Can’t Go Back – Microaggressions and Antiracist Practices in the Montessori Classroom

Dr. Cindy Acker


Montessorians are learning the importance of deepening our practice with knowledge of a culturally changing world. Teachers and school leaders will learn how to put into practice the courageous work of changing race as a social construct in the classroom, examining our curriculum and materials, and how children and staff are affected by micro, unconscious thoughts and practices. Attendees will receive a booklet on social justice terms and beginning race curriculum.


Cindy Acker

Dr. Acker serves as principal of The Child Unique/Montessori Elementary Intermediate School of Alameda for 37 years. She holds degrees in education, Human Development and Culture & Spirituality. Cindy graduated from UC Berkeley with a doctorate in Educational Leadership. Cindy has served in public policy, as former VP of the National Child Care Association and policy adviser, representing Montessori schools. Cindy leads the Social Justice Task Force for the International Montessori Council, holding weekly IMC Town Halls on individual and systemic racism. She is a published author and an international keynote speaker, specializing in social justice and racism issues.

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