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Welcoming Newborns the Montessori Way: Preparing Ourselves and Our Homes

Jeanne-Marie Paynel


A lot has been said about the Montessori method and the school age child. Yet Montessori is a way of life that can be appreciated long before baby arrives.

In this session you will learn how to best prepare for a peaceful birth, adapt your home to meet your newborn developmental needs and how you can successfully set up an evolving home environment for the whole family to enjoy.

Jeanne-Marie is a Parenting Mentor blending her passion of Montessori as well as her experience being a birth doula and helping countless families welcome their babies in a safe and nurturing home.

She guides parents both privately and through her digital courses to let go of feeling overwhelmed so they can enjoy raising independent, capable and resilient children with ease.

You can follow her YouTube channel “Voila Montessori” where she shares a lot of wonderful activities for young children that can be done at home as well on Instagram @jeannemariepaynel to stay up to date on her latest offerings.

Check out The Parenting School were she shares how you can aquire all the benefits of Montessori and Positive Discipline in your home with an easily digestible digital course accompanied with weekly group mentoring sessions.



Jeanne-Marie Paynel, M.Ed, is a Parenting Mentor and Home Consultant guiding parents to let go of feeling overwhelmed and enjoy raising self-sufficient and resilient children with ease. She’s the host of The Art of Parenting podcast and founder of Your Parenting Mentor (formerly Voila Montessori) where she guides expectant parents, caregivers, and parents of young children to prepare their homes and themselves for children to thrive during the first years of life. She believes that a supportive and peaceful atmosphere at home will allow every child to flourish as an independent, confident, and capable learner. She combines her three passions: Montessori, Conscious Parenting, and Positive Discipline. Her mission is to help parents appreciate the true importance of their role – not as servants or teachers, but as supporters and guides of their children’s natural development.

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