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10 Guiding Montessori Principles & Overcoming the Challenges We Face

Sylvia Arotin


So often the Montessori practice is misunderstood to only be about the wooden materials, the ‘Pinterest-perfect’ shelf or the strict adherence to the methodology without flexibility.

In this session we go back to the basics of the Montessori method and focus on the fundamental principles that guide us in fostering independent, capable children – all while understanding how to easily adapt the method into our everyday lives.

Some of our core deep-dive topics include:

  • Going back to the essence of Montessori and its method and understanding what they really mean to us
  •  Discussing the 10 guiding principles and the challenges that parents or educators face trying to implement them
  • We will share some tips and solutions as to how to recenter yourself and regroup, so you can truly practice what you preach
  •  We will also share how to access a poster containing these guiding principles; hang it up in your space, and allow it to become part of your daily rhythm!

These Montessori affirmations will serve as a deep reminder that “The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind” – Maria Montessori.

Looking forward to sharing more with you in my session!


Sylvia Arotin

Sylvia Arotin has had over 12 years experience in Montessori teaching and is the founder and director of My Montessori (0-6 yrs) school in Sydney, Australia. She also sits on the Board of Directors for MSCA (Montessori Schools and Centres Australia). Her passion for children’s learning and development, as well as supporting and educating adults, has been fundamental in founding the Guide & Grow brand. She holds an International Montessori 0-3yrs training, 3-6 AMI Assistants training, an International Communications degree and a Masters in Teaching specializing in early childhood (0-5 yrs) (Honours) from Macquarie University.

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