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Brain and Learning 0 to 6: How to Prepare Your Child for School

Olimpia Mesa


Leading pediatricians warn that many children entering school lack the skills they need to succeed in class. In early brain development, neural connections are made on the basis of early experiences and relationships with parents, siblings and community members. You can help your child be better prepared for school – this workshop and the learning journal you will be able to download were designed to help you understand what you can do to get your baby off to the best start by using brain-based principles in your every day interactions and activities.


Olimpia Mesa

Author of How People Learn book and leading expert and consultant on brain-based learning design. She is the president of Instructional Design Inc., a company behind hundreds of successful corporate and educational programs both online and in-person, delivered in a variety of different languages. In addition to consulting with Fortune 500 organisations on learning projects, Olimpia is the founder of Book to Courses™ Online School whose main goal is to teach authors how to transform a nonfictional book into live courses or apps.

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