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Building Physical Literacy in Montessori

Martin Yaconis, Engr., Barbara Murphy, PhD


In Montessori, movement is a cornerstone of learning. Today, physical activity further proves crucial to counteract the modern trend towards increased sedentarism, exacerbated by isolation during the current pandemic and beyond. In this webinar, we will examine the concept of “physical literacy,” delving into different fundamental physical skills that set the foundation for an active lifestyle, supporting whole child development and wellbeing. We will further explore how the building of physical literacy can be integrated into the learning experience in a truly Montessori manner.


Martin Yaconis

After graduating as an Engineer from UBA University, Martin has dedicated his professional life to technology applied to health, sports and rehabilitation. His expertise and experience extend across the areas of physiological, biomechanical and cognitive training and monitoring, where Martin has worked with institutions such as Olympic committees, universities, professional sports teams, high performance athletes and young players’ academies.

Barbara Murphy, PhD

Passionate about education, Barbara holds a PhD from Northwestern University and a Montessori certificate from CGMS. As the mother of two while living in Italy, she fell in love with the Montessori philosophy. Now the founder of Montessori Gym, Barbara is on a mission to support wellness in Montessori.

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