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Growing in the Rain: A Montessori Wellness Perspective

Barbara Murphy, PhD


As we walk in the rain of current challenges, it is time to prioritize the physical, mental and socio-emotional wellbeing of children and adults alike. For this, movement is key, as a form of self-care and a foundation of wellness.

In this presentation, we will explore how to turn today’s challenges like social distancing into learning opportunities in areas like self-care, nature connectedness and solidarity, while also building physical literacy the Montessori way. And we will see how the further incorporation of wellness-related concepts and activities into the learning experience can help us all better navigate life in uncertain times.


Barbara Murphy, PhD

Passionate about education, Barbara holds a PhD from Northwestern University and a Montessori certificate from CGMS. As the mother of two while living in Italy, she fell in love with the Montessori philosophy. Now the founder of Montessori Gym, Barbara is on a mission to support wellness in Montessori.

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