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Listen and Observe: Tools for Communicating with Children

Charlotte Snyder


Whether or not we’re aware, we’re always communicating, the children are always communicating. What is this child telling me? What — if anything — do I need to do about it?

What am I observing? How could I interpret this child’s behavior? Am I contributing to the challenge I’m trying to address? And, of course, verbal communication tools.

This video is a companion to the course “Following the Child Into the Future” available through Montessori Parenting.


Charlotte Snyder

Charlotte Snyder is Head of School at The Baan Dek Montessori in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. She attended Montessori through Elementary in California, and completed the Primary training at Montessori Northwest in 2010, and earned a Master of Education degree from Loyola University Maryland. She particularly enjoys sharing Montessori philosophy and building relationships with families on Baan Dek’s blog and podcast.

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