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“Me Do It !” –  The Joy of Learning for Toddlers in the Kitchen

Ferne Van Zyl


I know these two things to be true  – Toddlers love to do what they see us doing and food and all other activities related are occasions for education. First experiences need to be positive for both adult and child for trust and confidence to develop. I will be sharing practical tips on how to engage them in simple tasks and set age appropriate limits to maximise your enjoyment of working together.


Ferne Van Zyl

Ferne’s Montessori journey began over 20 years ago as the owner and operator of Down Under 3, a Montessori based learning centre for babies and toddlers in Sydney, Australia. Through her work with parents and carers she began facilitating the hugely successful Faber and Mazlish parent workshops “How to Talk so Kids will Listen” and “Siblings without Rivalry” and developed a “Toileting Independence” workshop which earned her the nick-name “The Poo-Poo Guru”.

​Since founding The Independent Child in 2016 she has provided training and support for hundreds of families on setting up environments for independence, effective communication skills and practical strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour. Recognised for her personally developed Supporting Freedom and Self-Discipline workshop, her Independent Toileting program and her expertise in early childhood development and communication, she consults to parents all over the world as well as to early childhood educators and Montessori organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

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