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Montessorian and Adlerian Concepts of Independence and Contribution in Action for Good Mental Health From the Start

Cristina Sanz Ferrero M.A.


Dr. Adler’s psychological theories have shown for many years the results of encouraging children’s contributions at home is synomynous with good mental health. Likewise, Dr. Montessori helped us see the importance of independence and at the same time building community through engaging in purposeful and focused work while taking care of oneself and of the others around me.

In this short lecture I will share the need to understand the child’s intrinsic need to feel a part of the family as well as to contribute to its running and well-being as the best way to help them develop good relationships with others and with themselves. I will share important strategies and tips to foster good mental health from the very start of life!


Cristina Sanz Ferrero M.A.

Former Early Years Teacher with more than 15 years experience in  education, Adlerian Montessorian Counsellor, Positive Discipline Certified Trainer, 0-6 Montessori Mentor, Founder of Life Skills, Escuela para la Vida®  psicoeducation & counselling for families, school & individuals. Spain Languages: SP, EN, FR, CAT/VAL

IG: @crislifeskills

FB: Life Skills Escuela para la Vida & Cristina Sanz Ferrero

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