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Preparing Inclusive Learning Environments

Sinem Kurt


Inclusive learning opportunities are like portals that open into the world where learners are served in a culturally relevant way based on their abilities, needs, and learning styles. As educators, we aim to create an intentional, cooperative, and collaborative teaching community that provides meaningful involvement for each child regardless of ethnicity, culture, religion, gender preference,  or socio-economic status. As Dr. Montessori underlined years ago, teachers are not the “magical element” that teaches students subjects but the most important part of their environment that influences them to be better citizens. That’s why, the more we embrace and work on our biases the more peaceful learning environment we prepare.

Imagine yourself supporting your learners to follow their active inner power while polishing yours that you might have forgotten for some reason.  What a blessing!


Sinem Kurt

My Montessori journey has begun 12 years ago when I was pregnant with my son in Turkey where I am originally from. The time has flown between using lids and pots as toys at home and being a Montessori primary teacher/researcher in the US. Throughout the years, Montessori philosophy has helped not only my son and my students but also me to realize how crucial it is to nurture my spirit as a guide.

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