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Raising Critical Thinkers With the Montessori Approach

Pilar Bewley


Critical thinking skills are essential in a world mired by confusion and misinformation. A child who grows up with strong critical thinking skills will be able to read between the lines, make healthy life decisions, and solve problems creatively.

We often think of critical thought as something that’s taught in university… But did you know that the Montessori approach offers a variety of activities that will help your child develop these important skills from an early age?

Join me as I walk you through a collection of deceptively simple Montessori activities for ages 3-6 (many of which don’t require expensive materials) that will plant the seeds of critical thought in your child’s mind. Discover the potential of Montessori education to help your child become a powerful thinker!


Pilar Bewley

Pilar Bewley is a veteran Montessorian, homeschooling mom, and entrepreneur. In addition to running a homeschool pod, she supports parents online through her membership program, The Montessori Homeschool Hub, and through one-on-one mentoring.

Pilar holds a Master’s degree in Montessori education, AMI Montessori certifications for ages 3-12, and Positive Discipline parent and classroom certifications. She has over a decade of classroom experience at preschool and Elementary levels, and fell in love with homeschooling three years ago when it became clear that school just wasn’t the right environment for her children.

She created to provide resources and support for homeschooling parents, because she believes that parents are a child’s most important and influential teachers. Pilar lives with her husband and two children, plus their dog and bunny, in the beautiful rural backcountry of San Diego.

Social media:
Instagram: @mainly.montessori.homeschool
Facebook: Second Plane Montessori: The Elementary Years



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