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The Human Tendencies: a framework for Montessori Assessment

Lynda Apostol


At the core of the Montessori philosophy is the understanding that all people have an innate set of human tendencies which exist from birth and continue to motivate human development and behavior for the remainder of an individual’s life. In guiding the child on their journey of self-construction, having an intimate understanding of the Montessori Human Tendencies and how they operate within the child supports us as parents and guides in identifying the child’s needs. The Montessori Human Tendencies serve as a framework to guide us in effectively preparing an environment for learning that can reliably depend on the spontaneous activity of the child – just as Dr. Montessori intended. Learn what the human tendencies are, how to effectively assess them and how they can translate into the prepared environment.


Lynda Apostol

Lynda Apostol (M.Ed) is the voice, coach & influence behind The Montessori Teacher, LLC. Her professional experience includes roles as a teacher, instructional coach and administrator in the public, private, and charter education sectors in both Montessori and Traditional approaches. She credits both her education and the diversity in her experience for lending her an unmatched perspective and informed understanding of curriculum & instruction as it applies not only to the child, but the guide/teacher.

Lynda now homeschools both of her children and serves as a highly sought-after Holistic Montessori Coach to parents around the world seeking to homeschool or worldschool with the Montessori Method. She also supports educators and educational organizations as a speaker & Holistic Education Consultant.

Lynda’s social media platforms seek to inform, educate and advocate toward a long-term vision of creating more inclusive Montessori cyberspaces that celebrate diversity and promote the global perspective with cultural competence.

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