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The Magic of Montessori Approach in Water

Jo Wilson


Why just think of WATER as an element to take for granted, that is there to simply all round us, to wash in or to swim in?

Jo Wilson the founder of Aqua Sensory and I am looking forward to connecting with you to present the Magic of the Montessori approach in water.

In my talk I am going to take you through how WATER can be our third teacher, share with you how the Montessori principles like respect, following the child and encouraging independence, can be weaved through our home environment, and learning environments through the magical element of water. Which like our children who are sensorial learners, water is also multi-sensory.

For me Montessori is very much an ethos that can be engrained through our lives. I am looking to take you through some of my favourite sensory discovery play activities which can easily be adapted for the home, the classroom and the pool.

My presentation is a deep dive into life’s very essence. I want to leave you with more of a way of connection. I believe if we guide our children and allow water to be our teacher, we are helping our children reach their full potential, the magic of Montessori approach can help us become respectful, caring to ourselves and others and guide our children to become stewards of our world.


Jo Wilson

Jo Wilson is an International Aquatic Professional, Tutor for the STA (Swimming Teachers Association), Founder of Aqua Sensory and Developmental Play Practitioner based in the UK, who works with babies and early years children at their two-purpose built family swim centres, Swim Works in Warwickshire.

Jo has been privileged to talk at many International Conferences and webinars, to share her passion to swim families and professionals.

Aqua Sensory was founded in 2013 to support the precious foundation years for babies and early years children. Jo noticed that the world was changing and in response children’s development and ability to learn to swim in the pool was changing too. Aqua Sensory supports our changing world, our program is a new pedagogy for the pool; a child-led and developmental approach to water play and swimming.

Aqua Sensory shares the principles of Montessori and is on a mission with a big vision to share the premise that; “The pool is more than a place to swim, it is also an aquatic classroom that is full of many sensory discoveries and play opportunities.” Jo Wilson.

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