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Understanding and Managing Aggressive Behavior in Young Children

Dr. Cara Goodwin, PhD


This session will share an overview of aggression in young children including the Developmental Progression of Aggressive Behavior in Children, Understanding Aggression (ABCs); Learning How to (Try) to Prevent Aggression, and How to Manage and Respond to Aggressive Behavior. It will provide parents and teachers ways to prevent aggression by preparing children in advance, praising the positive opposite, determining the function of behavior, and teaching calming skills.
This is an introductory session for those working and parenting children in early childhood and early elementary school.


Dr. Cara Goodwin, PhD

Dr. Cara Goodwin, PhD, is the founder of Parenting Translator, a mother to three young children, and a licensed psychologist (with a PhD in child clinical psychology). She has worked as a psychologist and researcher specializing in child development. She has experience conducting research in child psychology and neuroscience, assessing children for developmental problems, doing therapy with children of all ages, and training parents on how to use the most recent scientific findings to help their children. She has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Neuroscience from the University of Virginia, a Master’s in Developmental Psychiatry from Cambridge University, a Master’s in Child Psychology from Vanderbilt University, and a PhD in Child Psychology from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has completed an APA accredited clinical psychology internship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a postdoctoral fellowship at Duke University.

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