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Why Concentration Is Key!

Joanne Kaya


Have you ever noticed how happy and satisfied you feel when you concentrate on something for a long time and finally finish it? That feeling of accomplishment is one of the many benefits of concentration, and it’s something that the Montessori method emphasizes in children’s development.

In the Montessori approach, concentration helps build important qualities of character, like self-esteem and self-discipline. When children concentrate on a task, they feel a sense of inner satisfaction that boosts their confidence and helps them stay focused. And once they finish the task, they feel refreshed and become more aware of their surroundings. This awareness helps them develop empathy and social skills, which are essential for building strong relationships and a sense of community.


Joanne Kaya

After working for many years in early childhood education, I noticed there was something missing with childrens learning. Whilst living in Japan, I walked into a Montessori classroom for the first time. That was my ‘hallelujah’ moment. This is was every child needs!.
I hold an AMI (Association Montessori International) certificate for , 3-6 years and 6-12 years and a NAMC 0-3, With over 20 years experience working and developing Montessori schools globally. I have anyway been passionate about helping parents implement Montessori philosophy but after becoming a mother this become my mission and was the drive behind creating Montessori Together. Helping parents bring Montessori into their daily life or homeschooling journey. offers personalized consulting and workshops for parents who want to implement Montessori and respectful parenting practices.

IG: @montessori_together

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