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Key ‘Language’ Activities and Strategies for Parents and Teachers

Marlene Barron


Language development begins in utero and continues at birth. Parents are key in beginning this journey as they coo and talk with the child. These conversations lead to storytelling, dramatic play, reading aloud with children, art work, games, and writing… yes, writing.

  • Conversation and discussions
  • Storytelling – real & imaginative
  • Dramatic Play: using commercial props; using child-made props
  • Reading aloud – all kinds of books: information & fiction
  • Drawing and all kinds of artwork – art as a reflect practice
  • Language games: phonemic activities
  • Creating opportunities for writing, including the role of adults modeling writing



Dr. Marlene Barron’s distinguished international career in Montessori education spans over 50 years. She founded the Staten Island Montessori School in 1965, and was Head of West Side Montessori School in New York City from 1979 – 2007 and co-director of its teacher education program until 2008. During this time, she earned a Ph.D. from New York University in early childhood education with a specialization in emergent literacy. On her retirement in 2008, she shifted her focus to workig with schools and teacher education organizations in China and Japan.

Her books for teachers and parents and her articles have been translated into Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese. Most recently, she authored a 4-book series for parents, 真正的蒙氏教育在家庭: 50 个经典语言游戏造就孩子表达能力 Real Montessori Education Happens in the Family, 2017, CITIC Press, Beijing, China.

Her other books for parents include the Ready, Set, Learn series published by John Wiley & Sons in 1995/1996, and I Learn to Read and Write the Way I Learn to Talk: A Very First Book about Whole Language published by Richard C. Owen in English (1990) and Spanish (1993). Her books for teachers include Recording and Reporting: A Comprehensive Recordkeeping System for Early Childhood 记录与报告: 一个全面的幼儿视察与记录系统(1985/2019) and Sensorial Ideas 感官教育思路 (1983/2019).

Dr. Barron has worked tirelessly throughout her career to bring the highest standard of education to children. Her organizational abilities, her attention to detail and her unwavering pursuit of excellence has had an undeniable impact on the spread of quality Montessori education worldwide.
Most important, she is a Montessori mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.

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