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Low Demand Parenting for Radical Acceptance and Connection

Amanda Diekman


Low-demand parenting is a unique parenting method to drop demands and align expectations to connect with your struggling child. In this talk, parent coach and author Amanda Diekman will outline why we prioritize connection, how to define a demand, and how the low demand process is different than other parenting methods. You will walk away with insight, perspective and inspiration to try dropping demands in your family life.


Amanda Diekman

Amanda Diekman is a parent coach and author in the neurodiversity space. Amanda became a leading voice in the movement for low demand parenting practices, with her book Low Demand Parenting to be published July 2023. Amanda runs a successful coaching practice for parents of neurodivergent children including online courses and a vibrant membership community. She lives with her husband Brian and three neurodivergent children in an intentional community in Durham, NC.

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